Thursday, September 5, 2013

SIM card offers cheap international data for frequent fliers

While Hong Kong-based handy has offered a rented smartphone and unlimited internet access for tourists, this might not be the best option for frequent fliers regularly visiting different corners of the world. DOODAD is an international SIM card that enables travelers to take advantage of an inexpensive GSM connection regardless of the contract they’re on. Before they leave, users can order a DOODAD SIM card for free – paying only the postage – and top up their account with credit through the site. When abroad, users simply replace the SIM in their phone with the DOODAD alternative. The company runs a simplified pricing scheme, whereby users pay a flat rate for data for the duration of their time in that country. Rates start at USD 0.30 per MB for nations such as USA, South Korea and Australia, and go up to a maximum of USD 1.20 in places such as India and Jamaica. When customers run out or credit, they can simply top up again. DOODAD doesn’t offer voice or text rates, although tourists can use VoIP and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Skype. Given the high rates of international roaming charges, DOODAD gives consumers a cheaper option for staying connected to the web – and their friends and family – while they visit a new country. Are there other ways to take the sting out of telecom tariff options?

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