Wednesday, February 20, 2013

iPhone case and app adds biometric capabilities

Smartphone cases are slowly becoming as smart as the handsets they accompany – take the SatSleeve as an example, which turns regular devices into powerful satellite phones. Now the AOptix Stratus is a case that adds biometric capabilities to any iPhone. Current systems for fingerprint identity verification are either bulky or expensive, meaning that they aren’t suitable for companies that require mobile checks or can’t afford to implement the emerging technology. The AOptix Stratus fits any iPhone 4 or 4S and – along with an accompanying app – enables the smartphone to accurately and securely check the identity of users placing their finger on the biometric plate located on the back. Alternatively, the app also offers iris, face and voice recognition. The company is working with businesses to develop bespoke mobile systems depending on each client’s needs. The basic app is available on the App Store for USD 199.99, athough there is no word on how much the case will cost, according to reports.

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